Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Between 1997 and 2007 ignotus press was one of the leading independent publishers of esoteric books on the subject of ritual magic, mysticism, traditional British Old Craft and the Egyptian Mystery Tradition - and was often ahead of its time in only accepting typescripts from bone fide magical practitioners who could prove their antecedents.

In 2017 the press is being resurrected to promote some of the old titles that have been out of print for many years and to encourage n...ew writers from within the magical community who are finding it difficult to place their typescripts with more mainstream publishers. The press will be operated under the banner of Coven of the Scales and the commissioning editor for the new enterprise will be Julie Dexter who (along with her husband as Magister) is Dame of the Coven. Melusine Draco will be acting as magical consultant.

All the books listed here are available in e-book format from Kindle/Amazon and often appear on special offer - and in paperback format from FeedARead at special low 'direct from the printer' prices. If you've enjoyed our books then a review on Amazon (co.uk and com) would be greatly appreciated. So let's put Ignotus Press UK back on the map! MD

We are looking for new book proposals from both new and established writers, and welcome your inquiry. Ignotus Press UK has been resurrected in 2017 to continue the standard of publishing established in its original incarnation – from 1997 until 2007 it held the reputation of being one of the most innovative and imaginative presses of the time in the mind, body and spirit genre.
We invite submissions direct from authors (including first time authors) and our emphasis is on the practical aspects of magic and spiritual techniques rather than self-help material. We also continue to uphold our policy that all Ignotus Press UK authors be established members of the Path or Tradition they are writing about and have genuine antecedents. And we do check! This is so that we can guarantee that our readers only purchase books from bone fide magical practitioners with a proven background.

Original non-fiction manuscripts are preferred (of around 40,000 words) although Ignotus Press UK will reproduce previously published material if it is deemed suitable from anywhere in the English-speaking world. In the first instance a detailed synopsis and three sample chapters should be submitted, which will be read by authentic magical practitioners. We will consider fiction (min 80,000 words) of a contemporary ritual magical/witchcraft nature but do not accept fantasy, poetry or children’s books. Query letters should be sent in the first instance to:

Any submission must include the following:
• Cover letter containing a brief description of the project and the contents of the package.
• An outline and/or annotated table of contents.
• A description of the intended market as it pertains to the subject matter including an explanation of why someone would want to buy the book.
• Include a list of known competing titles and how yours differs.
• Brief summary of the author's background and credentials in light of the subject matter.
• A full manuscript, if completed.
• In the case of a proposal, at least three sample chapters.
• Submissions must be in English, double-spaced with 1-inch margins in 12-point type.
• Please number the pages and include a table of contents.
• Complete permissions and citations.
• Total word count for the proposed manuscript.
• Your complete daytime contact information including telephone and email.
• Only send copies of your material and keep the original for your records.

Ignotus Press UK does not pay royalties or advances. The books are produced in e-book and paperback format via Kindle and FeedARead and all payments are made direct into the author’s bank and/or PayPal account. This means that all proceeds from the author’s sales go direct to the author who must declare all income as they are responsible for their own income tax liability. Ignotus Press UK will absorb the cost of ISBN numbering, proof-checking and distribution costs.
Ignotus Press UK is a non-profit making organisation … so what’s in it for us? The satisfaction of maintaining the magical standards of the titles we publish under our banner and ensuring that the authors have an authentic background in the subject they are writing about. The authors have the benefit of being published under and established and respected name in esoteric publishing.

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